Thursday, 19 November 2009

Create the feelings of Abundance, Greater Freedom, Joy and Adoration

Say this everyday, make a positive change in your life :)


I walk away from all restrictions and I am free!

I have the power to change my life so that I am experiencing more freedom.

I have the devine right to experience the freedom of fulfilling my life's purpose.

This universe is here to serve me and supports my desire for expansion, creativity and freedom.

When I say yes to freedom.... the universe says "yes" to me.

It is time for me to leave all situations that I have outgrown.

It is time for me to question the validity of any limitations I have imposed upon myself.

I now choose to release all my limiting beliefs and feelings.

I allow the universe to support me during any life changes that I now activate.

During this time of change, I clearly assert my boundaries and say "no" to anyone or any situation that I feel is attempting to restrict my growth in any way.

I now choose to allow my mind to become a fertile sanctuary for the attraction and manifestation of my lifes purpose and full realization of my financial goals.

I live my dream!


Love and Light :)

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