Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Law of Attraction - Where to Start

The Law of Attraction in action, that's why you are reading this today.

The universe sent this into your life for a reason, we are put upon this earth to have fun, to live our dreams! Ok, you may have some resistance right now, I understand, I was the same when I first started out. The best place to start with the Law of Attraction is with the small things you desire, this way you won't be up against your negative mind chatter to try and spoil things for you too early in the game.

It takes 21 days to change a habit, it's the same for your mind, start small watch the magic happen then move onto the larger things you desire. Stay open, go with the flow and celebrate each time your new point of attraction appears in your life "thank you universe". Also remember that what we think about we bring about, each time you give your focus and energy to anything it will show up in your life.

"So what about my negative mind chatter" one rule - Don't worry be happy! When you feel happy you are having good thoughts and attracting only good into your life. It's all about how you are feeling.... feel good! Relax and be open to receive what you desire.

A positive thought far outweighs anything else and when you get the hang of this your life will be transformed. Remember to remember - thoughts become things, make them all great ones!

Have fun :)

Liz Green
CEO Live Your Dream Mentoring

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