Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Unstoppable inspiration

Last week I was privileged to attend one of our Breakthrough Personal Development Event in Cancun Mexico, it changed my life in so many ways, I am very grateful to be part of LifePath Unlimited and would like to share a little inspiration with you, the theme was unstoppable!

If someone had told me a year ago today that I would be where I am today it wouldn't have sounded real to own my own company and have total personal and financial freedom helping others to do the same as I have.... My life has changed in so many ways I am so grateful right now! Thank you universe!

~ Unstoppable ~

From the greatest global achievement to the most personal accomplishment in our daily lives, the unstoppable spirit is the driving force for positive change and growth.
The spirit is the force that breaks through countless personal barriers - barriers of self doubt, negativity, and our own personal limitations.
It compels us to persist in striving toward our goals.

Maybe your goal is not to end world hunger, run a multibillion-dollar company, or make the cover of Time.
Maybe your aspirations and desires focus on starting a new business, making a career change or doing volunteer work in your community.
Perhaps you've been wanting to run for a school board position, complete a 5K race or pursue the passion for music that you abandoned for more practical pursuits.

The size of the goal is not what constitutes an unstoppable spirit.
It is personified in anyone who identifies a goal - something that really matters to that person - and refuses to give up until that goal is achieved.

~ Cynthia Kersey ~

Wishing you a most magical day

Love and Light

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