Monday, 11 January 2010

Fresh Start New Year New You ~ Make a Positive Change Today!

Another year over, a new one just begins.... Now is the time many of us reflect upon the year just gone by and look towards our year ahead. What will you be doing this year, will you be making positive life changes?

When it comes to creating a life transforming year I can only speak from personal experience. As many people do I committed to my personal goals and ambitions for the coming year knowing my situation just had to change. The new me was waiting to be unleashed! I was sick of working a job I didn't enjoy all the time, counting down to my weekends and holidays basically working to be retired.

My desire for freedom was strong, so I set to work on my goals.

I speak to many people on a daily basis who desire to make a positive change in life but some aren't quite ready to follow through on their dreams and passions. This is where I come in, take my example. In less than one year I freed myself from my tying corporate job, I sacked my boss and became job free escaping the rat race of life and finding myself surrounded by a community of positive like minded people.

So my advise to you is to go for it, 2010 is the year for positive change. Think outside your box, spread your wings and fly, take a chance on life and watch the magic unfold.

As Henry David Thoreau famously said "The mass of men lead quiet lives of desperation" release yourself from the hamster wheel of life and live your dreams! You only get one chance at life, make it great!

Live Your Dream!

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