Saturday, 16 January 2010

Vision Board - Create Your Very Own Digital Law of Attraction Vision Board

When I first heard about digital photograph frames I must say the idea didn't set my heart on fire until I unwrapped one as a present from my wonderful partner, rather than being filled with pictures of past holidays it was filled with our accomplishments, intentions and visions for the future, what an exciting concept! When you start thinking outside the box you really can come up with some amazing and inspiring idea's.

So all you need is a digital photo frame and a little inspiration for your future desires. You can also use some pictures of your past achievements as well as future intentions creating great memories and reminders of what you are capable of, you can also add affirmations above your pictures. For example I have a picture of a recent event I attended where I took part in a fire walk, I added the words "Anything is possible" above the picture to remind me of this wonderful thing I achieved in life, it also puts me back in the feeling place of having done this.

You can then move on to having a great collection of pictures of things you want to attract into your life such as your dream house, dream car, pictures of places you want to visit ~ anything goes ~ get really creative, add positive and inspiring statements above the pictures before you upload them.

The third element is to have really beautiful pictures with positive statements and affirmations typed over the top for example I use some great sunset and countryside pictures which such statements as "Ask, Believe, Receive ~ all your desires come true" also "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined!" Include things which really get your positive vibes flowing and put you in the place of having all your desires.

Another great thing about using a digital vision board is that you can update it anytime you want, perfect!

Every time you see your digital vision board and focus on each picture you will draw you visions closer and closer. You will feel excited and energized about your dream life. Get really creative and have fun with it!

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